Welcome to the MUCIM

The Civic Museums of Monterotondo allow visitors to experience the whole history of the city, from pre-roman age to the 17th century and all the way to the 20th century, travelling through video installations, graphic displays, films and exhibits from the archeological, documentary and artistic collections. In 2014 the Archeological and Multimedia Museum was inaugurated in the Cultural Centre “Paolo Angelani” and inside the frescoed rooms of Palazzo Orsini (replacing the Public Library and City Hall). The Historic Museum was inaugurated in 2016 on the top floors of the Civic Tower (purpose build Eco friendly structure realized with EU funds). With the Civic Museums of Monterotondo you can book guided tours and personal itineraries for cultural tourism, visiting the monuments between the Archeological area and Via Nomentum-Eretum in Tor Mancina.