Archeological and Multimedia Museum of Monterotondo

Exhibition Itinerary

Visitors will experience the whole history of the city, from pre-roman age to the 17th century. The museum branches out in two different venues: in the Cultural Centre “Paolo Angelani” entrance in Via G. Serrecchia and inside the frescoed rooms of the Orsini Palace in Piazza A.Frammartino, 4.
It is of relevant significance that part of the museum is integrated inside the Orsini Palace, which is a distinctive element of the city. In fact, the building with its powerful presence is visible at a distance, from Monte Gennaro and the Tiber. Through the ages as a symbolic beacon, Orsini Palace with its distinctive architecture has influenced the urban development of Monterotondo. The city has grown a strong relation with this structure, hence the museum inside its very walls is of key importance to Monterotondo.

Archeological Museum

Multimedia Museum