Monterotondo Historic Museum

Exhibition itinerary

The Historic Museum is on the top floor of the civic Tower of Piedicosta. Visitors are welcomed by modern interactive highly technological exhibits comprehensive of graphic reconstructions, holograms, models, historic memorabilia, documents and photographs. A long and well documented journey in the recent history of the city. From the opening ceremony of the train station April 1st 1865 to the one of the metro line on May 28th 1994.

Along this historic itinerary, the museum is structured in two different sections.

The first section is called “Reliving the Memory”, a journey through the major milestones of more than a century of Italian History and its repercussions on local history: the Capture of Rome, First World War, Fascism, the Resistance, the postwar period, the urban expansion of Monterotondo. In- depth research, documentaries and specific focus on characters, facts and events that have left a mark on the citizens’ collective memory.
The second section called “A world of Clay”, follows the history of the brick kilns, driving force for the economic and urban development of the city and especially the train station, “door” for Monterotondo between the Tiber and the railway.

The museum holds the historic archives of the city (1862-1960), Raffaello Giovagnoli’s archive (writer, patriotic Garibaldian, and policician), and the archive of the Research Institute for “Italian Disarmament”.

The Historic Museum is a permanent establishment, open and alive, offering opportunities for in-depth research. It is a “Bank of memories” of our past, open to new acquisitions from anyone who wants to donate useful evidence: everyday objects, photographs, letters and documents.