A special event on the 9th July 2022 at the City Hall of Monterotondo- Archeological and Multimedia Museum as part of the “Estate Eretina 2022”, organized by the Municipality of Monterotondo and ICM Foundation.
Public presentation ceremony of the “Holy Family of the waterfalls” in the presence of Riccardo Varone, Mayor of Monterotondo; Marianna Valenti, counselor responsible for Culture, and Antonella Avagnano, President of the ICM Foundation. The work of Art was restored and returned in all its splendor to Monterotondo’s cultural inheritance.
Along with the painting exhibited in the “Hall of Time” (frescoed rooms on the noble floor of the Orsini Palace) there was a 3D reproduction of the Madonna and the baby as depicted in the painting. On this occasion the public tested our 3D viewers.
Visitors experienced a virtual tour of the beautiful location, the town and its artistic representations.
The 3D viewers will be available in the rooms of the Archeological and Multimedia Museum after extension works will be ultimated.
Some shots of the opening ceremony for the public appearance of the “Holy Family of the Waterfalls” by Ridolfo Del Ghirlandaio (Photos: Rocco Lotito).